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Packbot with Redowl

BMS REDOWL Payload mounted on an iRobot PackBot

With expertise in acoustics, signal processing, digital, and analog design, BioMimetic Systems uses an approach inspired by biological physiology to overcome challenging problems in the field of acoustic sensors.

Biomimetic technology is a burgeoning field that examines the solutions derived by biological evolution for difficult environmental interaction problems and replicates those techniques through a combination of specialized algorithms and hardware. It can be applied to hearing, to vision, to smell, and even to touch for applications in robotics, generic smart sensors, and medical technology for those who are sensory impaired. Biomimetic sensors are particularly good for applications where stimuli are often novel, where there are very large changes in stimulus level, and where environments are often cluttered and have challenging background noise: all things typically associated with navigating real world environments.

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